Our COLE Office Team
Coordinator – Michael Beck (campus facilities, employee evaluations, and discipline)
                       Contact Michael Beck by email.
Coordinator - James Butler (APEX online learning, curriculum, and professional development)
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Office Manager – Elizabeth Grimaldo  
                        Contact Elizabeth Grimaldo by email.
Registrar – Libra Taylor-Gill  
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Registration Clerk - Gloria Soto-Wilson  
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Our COLE Educators
Mathematics Lead Teacher – Dr. Andrew Marifino  
                         Contact Dr. Andrew Marifino by email.
Social Studies Lead Teacher – Mr. Robert Meyer  
                         Contact Robert Meyer by email.
Language Arts Lead Teacher – Mr. Robert Weaver, Jr. 
                         Contact Robert Weaver Jr. by email.
Science Lead Teacher – Steve Simmons  
                          Contact Steven Simmons by email. 

Exceptional Education Lead Teacher - Ms. Lisa Bennington Skay 
                         Contact Ms. Lisa Bennington Skay by email.
Exceptional Education Teacher - TBA
                         Contact by TBA by email.
Instructional Specialist - Sheree Casey
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School Counselor - James Ferguson
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ELECTIVES are taught by COLE's General Education Teachers

Dr. Andrew Marifino: Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Semester 1-6; Business Operations, Semesters 1&2; Introduction to Computer Science.
Contact Dr. Andrew Marifino by email.

Mr. Robert Meyer: Coed Phys Ed, Semesters 1&2.  Contact Robert Meyer by email.

Mr. Robert Weaver, Jr.: Art Appreciation; Music Appreciation, Semesters 1&2; Spanish 1, Semesters 1&2; Spanish 2, Semesters 1&2; Spanish 3, Semesters 1&2; French 1, Semesters 1&2; French 2, Semesters 1&2; and Sociology. Contact Robert Weaver Jr. by email.

Steve Simmons: Freshman Read & Study Skills, Semesters 1 &2.
Contact Steven Simmons by email.