All students, Grades 6-12
School Council Representatives NEEDED for 2022-2023!
Your opinions matter and we need you to get involved!
Two ways to participate:
* Become a Student Member of the COLE TEAM
* Share your viewpoint during the Call to the Audience at our Quarterly COLE TEAM Meetings

Meet Your Counselor

Meet Your Counselor, Mr. James Ferguson

Although this is my first year at COLE, it is my 44th year in Tucson Unified Schools. During those 44 years I have worked as an English teacher, basketball coach and counselor. Does having 44 years’ experience give me credibility – probably not. If I told you about the challenges I’ve overcome, would that give me credibility – probably not. If I told you about all my accomplishments would that give me credibility – probably not. So why then should you bother to meet your counselor?

· I am going to encourage you to find our own path and listen to your own voice.

· I am going to encourage you to do more, to become more and use your abilities to the fullest.

· I will share strategies that have worked for me and others to create a fulfilling life – what you do with it is up to you.

· I will be straight up and honest even if it means speaking uncomfortable truths.

· My only agenda is to see you, hear you and support you.

I look forward to meeting as many COLE students as possible either in person or by Zoom. Please feel free to take advantage of weekly accountability sessions with Coach Ferguson offered exclusively for COLE students.

The COLE counseling program is committed to assist students with high school planning, career choices, information on colleges, scholarships, financial aid, and personal/social growth.

How can I see my counselor?

Mr. Ferguson has an office at Catalina High School in the COLE building. He welcomes students and parents to drop in anytime during the school day. He can be reached by phone at 232-8625 or email.Zoom meetings are also encouraged. Please feel free to call or email Mr. Ferguson to set up a Zoom meeting.

Weekly Accountability Sessions

Weekly one-on-one accountability meetings with Coach Ferguson are encouraged for all COLE students. One of the greatest challenges COLE students encounter is the lack of accountability due to no daily attendance requirement, no bell schedule and no routine class timetable. Students can easily get distracted and not realize that they have made little or no progress as days and weeks go by. For that reason, having a Weekly Accountability meeting is highly encouraged for all COLE students. We all know that accountability plays a huge role in personal success. When we hold ourselves accountable for our actions our production soars and we end up achieving our goals faster and more easily. When we share our goals with someone who helps us stay accountable the goals become more believable and increases our motivation to achieve them.

The Weekly Review is a way to measure progress and hold students accountable. The meeting is not about giving an opinion about how you are doing, but a practical way of knowing that you are making progress.

The first thing you will do in your Accountability Meeting is define what it is you want to accomplish. Part of the reason people fail is because they don’t define what is important to them. They don’t set priorities and they don’t measure or review often enough.

The first part of the Weekly Meetings will be used to report on the previous week and evaluate progress. We will discuss what things worked well and what things did not work well. The second part of the weekly meeting will be to plan for the upcoming week, set goals and discuss what obstacles might be encountered in working towards those goals. Part three of the weekly meeting is open discussion.

Your weekly meeting should be a positive experience. The meetings will give you an opportunity to look back with pride and gratitude about the changes and growth you are making each week. In your meeting you will receive encouragement, support, strategies and tough love if needed. You will leave your meetings with weekly goals and a solid plan to accomplish them.

To set up Weekly Accountability Sessions with Mr. Ferguson, email or call him at 520.232.8625.

Exceptional Education Resources
Raising Special Kids provides a range of services for students with disabilities. For example, Events and Training are offered for issues and topics like: Parent Training VideosCommunity Events, Trainings and Workshopsand Surveys and Studies. If you interesting in becoming involved, Raising Special Kids welcomes Parent Leadership.  

TUSD Transition Fair connects students, families and teachers with local agencies.